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LianShi square
LianShi square is the first park scenic spot, leisure culture square embodies the function of leisure travel of the kindergarten, LianShi square embodies the spiritual and cultural outlook and design of the kindergarten tone, form according to the main landscape effect.
The etymology of The Three Kingdoms, "LianShi" said sun quan men satrap civilised, then, also home for all house when less than a ship, the ship draft is too shallow to sail, so we have to move the story of stone delay unloading a ship on the shore to smooth return home. Delay unloading a ship at that time also home of the stones, after the collection by people, called "LianShi".
Here for this node at the heart of the landscape, establish LianShi, told people of the ancients links to living life, designed to allow people to learn the ancients integrity noble feelings.

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