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Mountains lake water quality pure and fresh, mountains and rivers beautiful, the forest coverage rate reached 80%. The lake has a platform pavilions at ten, or take a rest, or fishing. Walk corridor, bring a lake view, the day see a cruise ship, to win, to laugh; To view the fishing late, m blossom, the stars. An austral rainforest characteristics of bamboo building, built MuLou the lake, the mountains pavilions, with the pines sound, group of cranes flying set; Stream landscape water gurgling, beautiful. Scenic water system developed, a great lakes, lake, stream across the flow, formation of a complete water 

On January 17, 2015, the state ministry of water resources and water conservancy scenic spot construction and management leadership group meeting was held in Beijing, meeting and vote through examining the 15th batch of national water conservancy scenic spot, and among the Chinese lake.
Lake is located in bazhong bazhou district into the town of scenery beautiful, with a simple local conditions and customs and the integrity of the strong cultural characteristics, in bazhong city 25 kilometers. The lake's main function is given priority to with irrigation, the total capacity of 65.65 million cubic meters.
Lake is the largest medium-sized reservoirs in bazhong, after two years, meticulously lake become a sichuan provincial water conservancy scenic spot, a year later, has been successfully upgraded to national water conservancy scenic spot.

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