Vast area of 5.49 square kilometers, water, mountains lake scenic spot covers an area of 300 square meters, from cattle Cai Guhe, the sacred river, heart was, Wu Guhe, Zhao Guwan, long beach, river, Liu Guhe seven river connected to each other, transition into the lake, formed the dialogue of mountains and water.
Landscape lake is located in bazhou area into the town, only 19 kilometers from the city center, the traditional jiang town east, south near the open area, adjacent to town in the west and north of tianma mountain national forest park. Obvious location advantage, convenient traffic, there are more than 30 times a day train to pass by the scenic area, presents a "3" 10 minutes. To the national key towns - 10 minutes walk into town, to tianma mountain national forest park, driving 10 minutes, walk through the tunnel by the open area for 10 minutes.
Landscape lake is not only beautiful natural scenery, but also have brilliant brilliant culture. Ancient ba culture, as one of the Chinese traditional culture, the humanities ceremony, generation lasts, rice trail is known as China's earliest national highway, the steep and with unique regional style, by all previous dynasties scholars praise; The second revolutionary civil war, bazhong as China's second-largest revolutionary base - sichuan-shaanxi revolutionary base areas, "red" cultural enrichment, chi chapter building is the inheritance of cultural essence in modern and ascend. Provincial cultural relics protection unit LeiFu days tomb of general area of 600 square meters, six years of qing emperor guangxu (1880) to build, the tomb of general scale, rational layout, tombstone carving fine, has a very high historical and artistic value.
Landscape lake is climbing festival, dozen dynasties, said spring, dragon dance, shadow play, bashan back two songs, and other traditional folk custom and with rich features in northeast sichuan folk art, such as acrobatics, drama, hand weaving, cattle lamp, bamboo, piano, etc., nationality amorous feedings.
Mountains lake belong to national water scenic area, the regional ecological environment is good, the climate condition is superior, the mountains around, CuiGu and dense woods, it is a paradise of rare animals and plants and roots. The entire scenic area in accordance with the "one, two rings, seven valley, multipoint" layout construction. "One" refers to show honest cultural education center; "Two ring" 6.6 km ring lake ecological green and landscape ecological town surrounded by mountains. Valley of "seven" is a combination of landscape, industry characteristics, modern leisure theme the seven characteristics of valley, including the wind bamboo CuiGu, qing boring valley of flowers, to call on the valley, qing cui walnut valley, care medicine valley, Lin qing classical peach blossom valley valley of seven characteristics and ginkgo industry and ecology leisure valley. "Multipoint" including leisure tourism form several Lin Pan yard and honest education.

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