Scenic spot is very rich in tourism resources, in accordance with the national standards of the tourism resources classification, investigation and evaluation "(GB/T18972-2003), the scenic area tourist resources can be divided into four main class, 11, 14 basic types. According to the "tourism resources are factors comprehensive evaluation system" of the lake's main tourism resources of quantitative evaluation, the scenic spot has super 2 (5) tourist resources, excellent grade 10 (level 4, level 3) tourism resources.
Five tourism resources: the national water conservancy scenic spot - into reservoirs, patriotism education bases - chapter floor
Level 4 tourism resources: the provincial cultural relics protection units - LeiFu days tomb of general, patriotism education bases - chapter building, landscape landscape resources
Level 3 tourist resources: honest education center and the discipline education base, animal and plant landscape resources in the taihu lake, the wind corridor, honest cultural corridor, ecological green, the wind pavilion, the xiaolian town

National water conservancy scenic spot

On January 17, 2015, the state ministry of water resources and water conservancy scenic spot construction and management leadership group meeting was held in Beijing, meeting and vote through examining the 15th batch of national water conservancy scenic spot, and among the Chinese lake.
Lake is located in bazhong bazhou district into the town of scenery beautiful, with a simple local conditions and customs and the integrity of the strong cultural characteristics, in bazhong city 25 kilometers. The lake's main function is given priority to with irrigation, the total capacity of 65.65 million cubic meters.
Lake is the largest medium-sized reservoirs in bazhong, after two years, meticulously lake become a sichuan provincial water conservancy scenic spot, a year later, has been successfully upgraded to national water conservancy scenic spot.

Rich variety of natural tourism resources

Mountains lake water quality pure and fresh, mountains and rivers beautiful, the forest coverage rate reached 80%. The lake has a platform pavilions at ten, or take a rest, or fishing. Walk corridor, bring a lake view, the day see a cruise ship, to win, to laugh; To view the fishing late, m blossom, the stars. An austral rainforest characteristics of bamboo building, built MuLou the lake, the mountains pavilions, with the pines sound, group of cranes flying set; Stream landscape water gurgling, beautiful. Scenic water system developed, a great lakes, lake, stream across the flow, formation of a complete water system.

Profound cultural tourism resources

The provincial cultural relics protection units - tomb of general LeiFu day
Provincial cultural relics protection unit LeiFu days tomb of general Yu Daqing six years guangxu (1880) built, sitting north to south, from the tomb burial, the town of tombstone, monument, figurines, word stock, shishi. Column roll carving dragon post, BeiMian high carving ancient drama story of more than 20 characters, tombstone when heart bottom tablet look in the moment: "the emperor GaoFeng fighting skill general auxiliary day, taboo words righteousness niyama, thunder eldest brother Yang TaiFuRen two people life of Tibet" and six years' reign of qing emperor guangxu. Tomb of general large-scale LeiFu day, rational layout, tombstone carving delicate, rich in content, has a very high historical and artistic value.
Patriotism education bases - chapter floor
Chapter, floor is the cradle of training talents, chuanbei underground command center, is propaganda revolution and arouse the people to the ground, is Wang Xuwu, He Qian, Wang Piaoan, elvin, leads, Lin Shuren Wei Wen work wholeheartedly, dedication, and the older generation such as communist revolution, created 1300 communist party member, grow up to be XianTuanJi cadre of more than 400 people, more than 20 senior cadres. In order to inherit the revolutionary history, carry forward the glorious tradition, everbright revolutionary spirit, education field, and the chapter "floor" in order to grow forever, has become a youth patriotism education bases.
Clean and honest culture, curing the corruption and educating
Relying on the sequences of the greenway, highlight "clean, red, QinLian, xiaolian" four themes, the 6.6 km has been built around the greenway, hydrophilic step tourism channel, 36 meters wide, cool breeze avenue landscape bridge two red bridge and human right, 72 of the attractions, pavilions exhibit 12, folk culture, integrity, and cultural center, the lake hotel, ecological parking lot and tourist reception center, etc. 6.6 km around the green way to integrity, culture and natural landscape in harmony symbiosis, implement "man in the middle reaches, scene cheap by the mind".
Folk culture, regional amorous feedings
Are climbing festival, play dynasties, said spring, dragon dance, shadow play, bashan back two songs, such as traditional folk custom and with rich features in northeast sichuan folk art, such as acrobatics, drama, hand weaving, cattle lamp, bamboo, piano, etc., nationality amorous feedings.

Bashan to his new house

      "Home culture" and "culture" as the core, the planning area of 2.5 square kilometers, built the xiaolian shanshui town, formation of the centralized virtue education, and health leisure and entertainment business, of ancient endowment health resort, and other functions as one of the small town landscape culture. Sweet osmanthus garden, a rose field, Bridges have surrounded by white temple countryside, farmers, land intensification, business scale, professional production village integrated and become a new model of tourism poverty alleviation.

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