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Bazhou area long history bred the outstanding characters and splendid culture. Shu han hou hook helps general right and down the canal, tang ministry of war can assistant minister Chen, assistant minister Chen Wenhan, right consultantship agency, northern song dynasty astronomer chang ssu-hsun, xinhai revolution body Dong Xiuwu first, contemporary revolutionary "the world's top ten great man", world famous civilian educator Dr James yen. In 1933, the area has 13000 good children to participate in the red army of workers and peasants, and later became a XianTuanJi above cadre of more than 500 people, among them: rui-lin wu, Wang Liangtai, ming-kuen wang, Feng Picheng, double, liu Yang from brigitte, Zhang Shigai, de-gui zhang, Chen Jitong, Cheng Dengzhi 10 people was awarded the rank of general. They have a military life, travelling, made outstanding contributions to build the new China. In the 1990 s was awarded the rank of general in the army and Zhang Meiyuan, Ma Mingli, hong-de zhu, in zhong Yang, etc.
Chang ssu-hsun
The period of northern song dynasty famous astronomer, was a department of day students. Dong Xiuwu, born in 1879, have been intelligent, studious and scholar in the 16 years old. On July 29, 1915, was assassinated in prison, at the age of 36.
Rui-lin wu (1915-1995),
In 1955 was awarded the rank. A secondary bayi MEDALS, level 1 independent medal of freedom, liberation medal. Got a first in 1988 red star meritorious RongYuZhang. Is 7, 8 times the national congress of the communist party of China, the ninth session of the central committee.
James yen (1890-1990),
China's civilian educator and rural construction. James yen in 1943 by the United States "Copernicus died in four hundred, the national memorial committee named the" bigger 10 people "of the contribution to world civilization. On November 13, 1945 by the United States city of San Francisco awarded the title of "honorary citizen". On May 2, 1967 was awarded the highest civilian award by Philippine President Ferdinand marcos "gold medal". On October 15, 1987, U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the oval office awarded the James yen "end hunger lifetime achievement award".

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