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Zhongnan recess ancient grotto statues, is located in the south of the city a recess km south slope mountain, south recess ancient grotto rock rise steeply, high more than ten zhangs, hundreds of feet long, as cut, column layer recess, with Buddha, south grottoes statues choiceness exquisite, different posture, temperament is vigorous, dignified and plump, natural and unrestrained, elegant and generous. The central recess ancient wat is the ancient working people wonderful artical excelling nature of fine arts, is the outstanding representative of the ancient grottoes art, is the historical testimony of bazhou ancient culture.
South ancient grotto statues grottoes, was founded in the northern and southern dynasties, the existing one hundred and thirty-seven grottoes statues, more than two thousand statue, there are 14, by building monuments, statues, ten new tablet four, YanWu (tang ba ZhouMu) "played table" tablet, words, 50 poems fifty-two first. South grottoes statues predominantly buddhist religious art, statues are mainly dharmakaya, Buddha ", "Buddha iii", "Buddha Buddha", "ancient Buddha", "ghost mother Buddha", "seven Buddha", "thousand Buddha", "amitabha", "double first Buddha", "living Buddha", "double back" Buddha, "guanyin bodhisattva", "sound bodhisattva", "best round of guanyin", "which the sramana heavenly Kings", "eight protective deities", etc. Statues are mostly before and after the glorious age of tang poetry works, a few is the northern and southern dynasties, song dynasty and the modern work.
The central south slope recess now for the national key cultural relics protection unit, the top of the mountain has recorded more than 6550 members of the red fourth-front armies resume, photos, and more than 5000 pieces of handwriting princes and the forest of steles sichuan-shaanxi Soviet area; Mountainside show is inscribed by deng xiaoping pavilion museum sichuan-shaanxi revolutionary base areas, collection of 20000 pieces of cultural relics and the historical materials of the more than 1800 words, now the national patriotism education bases.
The lianhua
The lianhua, flat beam township is located 12 kilometers northwest of bazhong, peak elevation of 1050 meters, a total area of 83 square kilometers, there are five ditch five beam, shaped like a lotus flower in full bloom, so its name.
Nanyang forest park
Nanyang forest park, located in 37 kilometers northeast of bazhong bazhou nanyang township, in tongjiang, bazhou border area, is 1218.9 square kilometers. The people's government of sichuan province in 1993 named as "provincial forest park. The people's government of sichuan province in 1993 named the provincial forest park.

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