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Name origin
The origin of "ba", is the first foreign tourists want to ask a question. According to historical records, the ancient nationalities YuGongLiang state the domain of the ancient family name, legend has it the erligang period once activities in Dan xi resembles river and hanjiang river confluence area week with wu Wang Ke Yin after sealing for the child, said "BaZi country". Qin and western han dynasty for the county, beginning when the eastern han dynasty han chang county, north northern bazhou, since then, a political setup change is bigger, sui bazhou to thanh hoa county.
Tang, song, yuan, Ming and qing period, in addition to the song dynasty had the bazhou to bazhou thanh hoa county, Ming once yuba, instead of 6 for the rest of the dynasties basically used the old name bazhou, two years of the republic of China is change the bazhou to bilateral, but places the census in 1982, bazhou the name again.
Characteristic culture

"Shadow play" belong to "puppet play," first appeared in the zhou dynasty when the yanshi "a wooden man with a song and dance" and han Chen ping "carved wood for beauty". "Plane" shadow play "puppet", after the han dynasty wizard "shadow line" developed "concept".
"Records: according to the bilateral county culture as early as the song dynasty, chuanbei region have shadow puppet theater." 40 or 50 s of the last century, bazhong county (now bazhou area), a total of 48 XiangChang there are 68 troupe's, qing bar crossing (now qingjiang) as many as three, and there were 13 shadow play carving workshop, is the hometown of Chinese shadow play art.
Pakistan-china shadow play, has high cultural value. "To cut the mamba", "peony" and "four henan" pakistan-china shadow play, such as leather carving technology is one of the important historical research of bashan region folk arts and crafts.

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