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Bazhou area, is located in the northeast of sichuan province, dabashan mountain foothill, coordinates for longitude 106 ° 21 '7' ~ 107 °, latitude 31 ° 31 '~ 32 ° 4', east through to jiang, pyeongchang, south yilong, west lane Yang, the north side of nanjiang.
Bazhou area topography is complex, the highest elevation 1460 meters, the lowest 301 meters above sea level. Probably can be divided into three: (1) MiCangShan south slope in landscape area. Includes most of the nanjiang, tongjiang, northern MiCangShan from west to the southeast that clings to the northern edge of the city, the ridge winding ups and downs, 2000 ~ 2200 meters above sea level, the relative difference of up to 1000 meters. Optical haze mountain 2507 meters above sea level on the west, the east hanging rock 2088.6 meters, treasure mountain fog creates to the city's highest peak. (2) the northern hills. Including bazhou area, all peace, tongjiang, nanjiang south, where the water table, table form is formed after cutting guide or low mountain, 600 ~ 1600 meters above sea level, the relative height difference of 200 ~ 1000 meters. (3) the foothills. Mainly distributed in bazhou, pyeongchang river area, deep high, made of alluvial PingBa.
Bazhou belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate, annual average temperature of 17 ℃. Sunshine hours 1462 hours, rainfall of 1119 millimeters, frost-free period 275 days, mild climate, abundant rainfall, sunlight is appropriate, clear four seasons, warm winter, spring drought and summer heat, autumn.
Bazhou area with abundant water resources. The most conducive to build hydropower station in the mountains, pine river. Deep, deep valleys, such as integrity river valley beach flow more nasty, extremely rich water conservancy development value.
Bazhou area river main canal river drainages, dendritic distribution. Mainly include: (1) the nanjiang originated in iron mountain, throughout the central nanjiang accept god tam river, south to bazhou area acceptance after elements as rivers and fold to southeast after a team of four horses river into the pingchang county. (2) of tongjiang by chase named after merges with small tong jiang, jiang river source has on the home, xiao river mouth, at the top of beach meet top beach river source for pleased god river on the (), to pyeongchang into the river.

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